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Problems We Solve

Containers filled with active chemicals or that are subject to changes in pressure, temperature or altitude need vented closures to allow air to maintain equilibrium while retaining liquids safely inside. Failure to vent the container can result in collapsing, swelling or leaking. PSI manufactures a wide variety of vented closures to reduce or eliminate problems and concerns.

When active chemicals build-up pressure in a container, they can cause containers to bloat. Containers lose their intended shape and may start leaking. This results in an undesirable appearance and can be hazardous for those who handle the containers.
Bottle Paneling

Paneling occurs when a container contracts or collapses during shipping or storage. This can cause label distortion, and also possible of product leaking.   

Containers without the appropriate vented liner can be susceptible to leaking. Leaking can create a hazard and an undesirable shelf appearance for potential consumers. Damage may also result to the surrounding environment, creating a potential liability for the retailer. A vented liner from PSI allows gases to escape from the container and reduces the risk of leaking.

Corrosive substances require special packaging due to the gaseous properties created by their chemical composition. If packaging is not properly vented, it may leak and damage the external labeling or the surrounding environment. This can degrade the appearance of the packaging and may create a hazard for people handling the product.